1. Hi Carlos, very good, I am a believer in sharing knowledge and our experiences with others and learning from their lessons.

    1. Author

      Hi Peter,
      I couldn’t agree more. That’s why I’m building everything in the open. I look forward to learn from other people’s experiences and suggestions for the platform.

  2. Great article Carlos, I particularly enjoyed the inclusion of the ‘Store’ step. We should always seek to store not only the data, but all decisions made relating to a particular asset, based on the data available at the time. This will allow the end user to track how decisions made previously, have impacted the asset and continually improve the way we address the data received.

    1. Author

      Thanks Mark Bethune. The idea is to record the necessary information in order to be able to “play back” a certain decision. What was the asset condition, performance, risk, etc. at the time the decision was made?
      Moreover, have things panned out as expected after the actions were taken?

  3. Well defined / explanained logical steps. 👍

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