27 March, 2022

Representing Hierarchies

I’ve been working and experimenting on the Define module of myActivo. This part of the design needs to answer a few fundamental questions with regards to the represenation of hierarchical data.
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Technology Stack

Technologies and Frameworks

When talking about his work, Steve Jobs often cited the quote “good artists copy, great artists steal” which he attributed to Pablo Picasso. This rings particularly true for an open-source project like myActivo.
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10 October, 2021
6 October, 2021

Choosing an Architecture

The architectural decisions made at the start of a project will have a major influence on how easily the project can be grown, maintained and ultimately, how well will it adapt changing requirements and technologies?.
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Requirements and Features

In this article I document how these concepts translate to the requirements and features that myActivo will implement.
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19 September, 2021
10 September, 2021
The Digital Asset Management Framework

Digital Asset Management

The way I would define Digital Asset Management is:
The use of Information and Communications Technology to maximise the value delivered by the Asset Management practice.
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What is myActivo?

myActivo is an open-source software platform that reimagines what the management of physical assets in the digital era can be.
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27 August, 2021